The Impact of Worldview Intelligence Programming and Consulting

From the early days of offering a short explanation of worldview in the midst of other trainings, people were interested and engaged in the conversation. In this short video, Kathy Jourdain shares, “Even with a short introduction, Worldview Intelligence offered people an opportunity to be in the conversation differently. The invitation has always been to explore your own worldview first and then become curious about another’s worldview.”  This exploration often proves to be a gentle yet deep dive into understanding your own worldview, that of your organization or social system and into understanding those you interact with and influence.

“Everywhere we have gone, Worldview Intelligence has been well received. The level of receptivity has been exceptional because the nature of the exploration is specific to the people in the exploration, the curiosity and the questions they bring.”

What if there are new ways into, and through, today’s most challenging conversations? What if there was a simple guide to learning how?