About Worldview Intelligence

Worldviews are the lenses through which we each see and experience the world. They are different for each of us. They operate largely in our unawareness and influence our communication, relationship and any tension or conflict we may be experiencing.

Worldview Intelligence is the ability to skillfully give voice and visibility to a multiple of worldviews in order to open explorations, make connections and bridge difference while maintaining compassion and humility.

Worldview Intelligence is an approach that helps organizations in strategy development, leading change, addressing internal conflicts, supporting inclusion initiatives, leadership development, high performance teams, supporting Mergers and Acquisitions initiative, and professional development.

We help companies design strategies and we provide direct support and guidance for the implementation and execution of these strategies.

Our Vision

We inspire hope and courage by bringing people together to build trust and relationship and bridge differences to address today’s most pressing social, ecological, economic and business challenges.

Our Mission

We create opportunities for individuals and organizations to develop and grow Worldview Intelligence knowledge and skills, improving the ways we live, work and communicate by aligning systems and processes, hearts and minds.