Applying Worldview Intelligence to Social Systems

When the stakes are high, views on issues that matter often become polarized. Individuals and groups revert to research and data to “prove” their point of view, becoming more entrenched in their position and less open to disconfirming data. Finding points of common interest becomes less likely. When data arguments do not work, what’s next?

live-communityFinding points of connection through other means. Worldview Intelligence offers more comprehensive approaches to finding ways forward.

Are these scenarios familiar to you?

  • Is a project you are working on impacted by a larger social system or do you need to understand better the social system within which you work?
  • Are you working on a stuck issue with different individuals or stakeholder groups digging in their heels for their own point of view and arguments using data are proving ineffectual?
  • Have you experienced decisions being made but then no movement because there was no collective agreement or common ground?
  • Do you need to create a greater sense of belonging in your organization or community?
  • Are you working or collaborating with a group that seems to hold substantially different perspectives than yours and have yet to find points of connection to move forward together?

Worldview Intelligence applied to social systems offers the opportunity to develop new skills to:

  • Explore strategies to get beyond standoffs on issues that matter, shifting from adversarial debates to solution based conversations
  • Identify ways to get past the self-interest of groups or individuals involved and build points of connection
  • Discover hidden patterns and discern the unwritten norms or mental models that might be impacting communication and progress
  • Understand whether an imposition of worldviews exists and how to address this in an exploratory fashion

This application of Worldview applies to teams or organizations:

  • Working in or across social systems
  • Responsible for stakeholder dialogues or stakeholder engagement
  • When there are sensitivities in the systems within which you are working and you need to find new ways forward
  • Alternative approaches to diversity and/or cross cultural training are necessary to surface underlying dynamics and patterns

We work with specific issues or initiatives in applying the Worldview Intelligence patterns and frameworks to Social Systems.

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