What if you knew there was a way to understand differences and that those differences were the keys to change?

That way is Worldview Intelligence. Not only is it a stand-alone comprehensive body of knowledge, our clients tell us it supports other programs and services they invest in – making them stronger.

the Worldview Intelligence Approach harnesses differences and complexity to create new ideas and environments that couldn’t exist without the strength of those differences.

This is powerful, whether you’re creating new strategies, leading change, engaging in challenging conversations, supporting healthy teams, developing better collaboration, building a more diverse and inclusive workplace or bringing communities together, 

The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework creates order from chaos, enables understanding of complexity and gives you the ability to appreciate and command differences to change the outcomes. Our CIDA-W Model provides an iterative approach to planning short and long term initiatives.

Worldview Intelligence is foundational. It offers skills frameworks that give you the power to consistently transform differences into an actionable opportunity.

Training and learning possibilities

Worldview intelligence For all

Do your teams and departments see eye-to-eye or do they clash on key ideas? Are you implementing a change strategy and need to get everyone on board?

Are you creating a culture shift in your organization and need support? Do you need to build trust, relationship, inclusion, belonging or psychological safety to improve your workplace culture? Would you benefit from new approaches and ideas for your retention and recruitment efforts?

Worldview Intelligence for All provides a comprehensive strategy for worldview alignment and support across your organization, providing a shared language to discuss worldviews and create constructive dialogues.

C-Suite Consulting

At Worldview Intelligence relationships matter.

Our experience is that when we work in strategic partnership with our clients, together we achieve greater clarity on outcomes, need and purpose for the work to be done. This translates into tailored strategies, processes and workplans that are more fully aligned for success and enduring partnership. The Worldview Intelligence Approach can be applied to leading change, strategic and operational planning, building team coherence, working through conflict, transforming workplace cultures, and supporting cultures of trust, relationship, inclusion, belonging and psychological safety.

Keynote Speakers

Have you thought about your worldview and how it influences relationship, communication and tension or conflict?

There is power in making worldviews visible, understanding how they work and why it is so hard to change worldviews, perspectives or minds – including our own.

Jerry and Kathy shine a light on the power and potential of Worldview Intelligence to inspire confidence and courage, skills and knowledge to transform conversations, relationships and workplace cultures. 

The Foundations of worldview Intelligence

Created as a self-paced online offering, we also offer it in-person. Created from our book Building Trust and Relationship at the Speed of Change, the Foundations of Worldview Intelligence are key to making progress on strategic goals, improving communication, reducing conflict, building Healthy Teams and finding ways forward on issues and strategies that matter. The concepts are useful in any environment – business, government, education, healthcare, community, even families.

This course is highly relatable and is a terrific blend of professional and personal development, straight forward and transformational. Participants gain the skills and confidence to have difficult conversations, engage stakeholders and build better strategy.

You can sign up anytime and learn at your own pace. Better yet, invite a colleague or friend to sign up with you so you have a Learning Partner. If you have a team or cohort of 15 or more people intending to do this together, contact us to discuss how we can support you in this learning journey, including offering this course in-person.

Advanced Skills and application of Worldview Intelligence

The 10 modules of Level 2 provide the opportunity for participants to gain intuitive knowledge of how to work with the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework with a deep understanding of each individual Dimension and how they work interdependently.

You will do this by learning how to craft powerful worldview questions as starters for exploratory conversations, practice listening skills with a deep reflective exercise, be invited to apply skills in your real life and then share your reflections and insights as well as apply each module to a real-world case study you identify as your Applied Learning Project (ALP).

Learning partnerships are strongly encouraged and your learning will be actively supported by the course instructors.

What it looks like:

      • • Scheduled start and end dates with virtual launch and wrap-up sessions
        • The opportunity to work with Learning Partners
        • You bring your own individualized case study or Applied Learning Project (ALP) and work with it throughout the three-month course
        • Planning templates to facilitate application of the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework and to work with our CIDA-W Planning Model
        • Must have completed Level 1 or participated in a 3-hour virtual session with Jerry, Kathy or another member of our team


This self-directed virtual learning course will help you apply a Worldview Intelligence approach to a conflict that has been troubling you. It could be something new that has recently showed up or a conflict that has persisted over time. The course includes the accompanying resource: Conflict Avoidance to Productive Outcomes: A Planning Guide for Challenging Conversations. It has 9 Lessons, each with a video highlighting the important elements of that lesson. It will enable you to develop a plan to take a course of action that is right for you.

Crafting Powerful Worldview Questions:

A Resource for Creating Constructive Dialogue

What is one simple thing you can do to improve your leadership or facilitation skills? Or to become a better conversationalist? Or to open an exploratory conversation about worldview differences? That one simple thing is: learn to ask better questions.

This mini-course gives you access to a PDF on Crafting Powerful Worldview Questions: A Resource for Creating Constructive Dialogue, a short video describing key elements of powerful questions and a worksheet to improve your own questions.



The Power and Potential of High-Performance Teams

There is a significant competition for talent right now. This resource, The Power and Potential of High-Performance Teams, gives you insight into how to create and sustain a team and workplace culture where people will choose to work now and in the future and perform at a higher level.

Taking the time to understand where your teams are and the potential for growth, will offer you a competitive advantage in a world where the Competition for Talent is heating up and will likely be ongoing for decades to come.

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