Customized Teams

Jerry and Kathy are the founding partners of Worldview Intelligence™. They are highly skilled consultants and facilitators and have worked in a wide variety of circumstances with clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Their work includes strategic direction, innovation, community and cross-cultural engagement, building team or organizational alignment to achieve outcomes and creating the means for people to be in much needed but often challenging conversations.

Jerry received his PhD from Tilburg University in the Netherlands in 2015. His research and dissertation on Worldviews forms a strong foundation for the Worldview Intelligence work. Kathy has her MBA from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.

When appropriate in addressing client needs, Kathy and Jerry bring together local partners familiar with the Worldview Intelligence Framework as part of the consulting team.

They are both practitioners and stewards of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, partnering on consulting and training work since 2011. Kathy's company, Shape Shift Strategies Inc, is based in Bedford, NS. Her memoir, Embracing the Stranger in Me: A Journey to Openheartedness, has been hailed as a deeply authentic sharing of the journey that has shaped who she is today.

Jerry is the past-President of the Meadowlark Institute, based in Minnesota, an organization committed to developing individual and collective capacity to be flexible during times of rapid change, to be comfortable with uncertainty, to hold multiple points of view simultaneously, and engage in meaningful conversations with those who hold different traditions, values and goals. The work of Meadowlark is now being down as part of Worldview Intelligence.

Kathy Jourdain, MBA – Nova Scotia Canada

Long recognized for her leadership ability, when first introduced to the idea of worldviews through her work with her partner Jerry Nagel, Kathy immediately recognized the potential for practical application in their consulting practice. They immediately began to incorporate Worldview Intelligence into their consulting contracts as well as offering public programs, keynotes and interviews.

Jerry Nagel, PhD – Minnesota USA

Jerry brings a unique background in economic development focused on rural areas combined with the ability to also work in and understand large urban centers. He works with a variety of organizations of all sizes in a variety of contexts. His BA and MA in Economics is complimented by his PhD in Social Studies from Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Nancy BRAGARD - France

A Franco-American consultant, Nancy accompanies individuals and teams of diverse cultures (national and organizational) through systemic transformation. She facilitates change through participative methodologies which allow for the emergence of tacit and often unexploited knowledge. A firm believer of the empowerment conferred through participatory practices and the soundness of the collective intelligence thus released, Nancy optimizes for her clients sustainable actions, as they are identified, crafted and coordinated by the actors themselves.

As an interculturalist, Nancy quickly saw how that work would be enhanced through Worldview Intelligence and as been on board as a valued member of the team since 2016.

Stephan Krajcik - France

Stephan’s diverse background, as well as his education, life and work experiences make him a multicultural cosmopolitan.

Over the last 25 years he has worked in different industries, from service to distribution and production, from small to medium and large enterprise. He has been a valued, contributing member of Worldview Intelligence since 2018.

He has experimented with innovative work methods that led him to successfully take responsibility for many teams, small and large, as a manager at first and then as a leader.

This experience allows him to offer clients expertise in leadership, coaching and collective intelligence, as well as innovative approaches tailored to the needs of today's business and its realities.

Kerry Judd – New Beginnings – Bermuda

After 12 years of providing strategic support in communication and organizational strategy at Senior /Executive levels both locally and internationally, Kerry was motivated by the desire for personal fulfillment and engagement in projects that truly make a positive impact on peoples’ lives. She formed New Beginnings Limited in January 2010 and specializes in facilitation, brand positioning, stakeholder (including employee and community) engagement, marketing communications and business strategy.

Kerry is a valued team member and key partner with Worldview Intelligence in addition to being skilled in a variety of facilitation methodologies, including Collaborative Leadership and Art of Hosting. She achieved her Leadership Coaching Certification in 2013 from the Global Society of Change Agents.

Over the years, Kerry has been very involved in several community organisations at a Board level including both Executive and Non-Executive Director roles. Driven by her passion for the development of Bermuda’s young people, she is most proud of her involvement in MIRRORs, a personal development programme for Bermuda’s youth and subsequently, her decision to create The New Beginnings Education Trust, which raises funds to provide education grants to Bermuda’s ‘at risk youth’.