The point of developing strategies or Strategic Planning is not to lock you into an unchangeable plan.

A Strategic Plan sets the context for the goals and objectives of your organization giving you a sound foundation that allows you to be strategically responsive to changing circumstances. As Yogi Berra said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”

What’s Worldview Intelligence got to do with it?

Your organization, departments and employees all have worldviews. Introducing and accounting for these worldviews adds a whole new dynamic for consideration, leading to increased ability to collaborate across departments, reduce or eliminate internal competition for resources, and have everyone moving in the same direction, giving you momentum and competitive advantage and greater implementation success.

Worldview explorations and systems mapping make hidden dynamics visible and then it all seems obvious. We offer processes that help you see and understand the worldviews at play, disentangle identities and map the organizational social systems allowing for strategic alignment and giving you better opportunities to leverage your growth and assets.

Approach and Processes

We guide your strategic planning process with these three key steps: 1. Planning and preparation with your core team that will be leading the process. We determine with you the approach, scope of research and consultation needed. 2. Facilitation of the strategic planning process and any agreed upon stakeholder sessions that will provide valuable input into the planning process. 3. Operational and implementation planning, action steps and budget planning.