About Worldview Intelligence

Worldview Intelligence: A new approach to leadership development, conflict resolution and innovation for your team, organization or community. It offers a strategic thinking framework to change the nature of conversations, to think about ongoing issues differently and to strategize communication and relationship approaches from new starting points.

Each of us has a worldview. It impacts how we see and interact with the world, events, situations and other people.  Our Worldviews influence our communication, decision-making and workplace cultures.  Most of this happens unconsciously.  Worldview awareness helps us explore individual and collective assumptions, beliefs and value systems with curiosity and non-judgment. This opens the potential for more comprehensive approaches and solutions to emerge on a range of issues and opportunities, including those that might be mildly oppositional to completely divisive to seemingly unsolvable.

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An individual, organization or community that is worldview aware offers greater leadership potential, more inclusive, welcoming workplaces and creativity that arises from the interaction of multiple worldviews, leading more often to innovative ideas or solutions and greater workforce engagement.

To hear an overview of what Worldview Intelligence is, check out this short video of Jerry Nagel and Kathy Jourdain speaking about their work with Worldview.

We offer a public enrolment Worldview Intelligence programs focused on personal, organizational and social systems explorations.

We also work with clients to create tailored applications specific to their circumstances, examples of which are listed below.

Where the Worldview Intelligence approach is being used now:

  • A statewide union is working to build stronger connections among members and more effectively inform the public of the benefits that union is bringing to the people its members serve.
  • As a component of program to address trauma in communities of color.
  • As a component of a program to build community understanding of a specific indigenous culture’s worldview.
  • Helping a professional association implement a new province wide regulatory process for its professional members and its staff.

Where the Worldview Intelligence approach has been used recently:

  • Provided greater awareness of the different work and social contexts and needs of employees across a multi-city, regional medical organization.
  • Helped a staff team inside a large organization address inter-personal conflicts and build a stronger team.
  • Helped members of an evolving medical profession adapt to changes in the profession through shifts in their professional worldview.
  • Helped the leadership of a union begin thinking about new ways operating the organization.
  • In improving communication between employees of a sport and recreation facility who are in a variety of different roles.

Future initiatives where the Worldview Intelligence approach will be used:

  • To build stronger teams within a regional hospital organization that is implementing an innovative, team based multi-disciplinary approach to providing patient care.
  • In building capacity within neighboring (primarily) white and indigenous communities to have ongoing dialogues based on mutual understanding of and respect for differing worldviews as a foundation for improving relations and collaboration.
  • To create the conditions for dialogues between businesses, education and future members of the workforce to develop strategies for addressing the growing shortage of workers in a specific rural region.

For more information send us a note with your questions.


Some Testimonials

“People’s stories here today have influenced my worldview, reinforcing the importance of understanding the other other person and their worldview. Worldview intelligence is a wonderful doorway through which to initiate the conversation. If you can’t get to the conversation, you can’t get to the change.”  Social change agent, Provincial Government

“This day reinforced the need to have people explore their own thoughts and opinions rather than telling them what they need to change. People don’t always have the opportunity to be in that exploration.” Long term Diversity Practitioner

“Participants in worldview intelligence sessions have stated that the reflective space they are invited into about worldview(s), where it comes from, what their own worldview is and curiosity about others’ worldviews helps create an understanding of how to give voice and visibility to multiple worldviews. It creates openings for successfully leading different, more inclusive conversations on issues and challenges that routinely show up in organizations, communities and social systems.” Workshop Participants

We are motivated by: Generating wholeness in an increasingly fragmented and complex world

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