Each of us has a worldview.

Trying to simplify complex ideas, people and situations doesn’t work well.

Worldview Intelligence offers skills frameworks that give you the power to consistently transform differences into an actionable advantage.

What if you knew there was a way to understand differences and that those differences were the keys to change? What if there was a way you could develop new skills that gave you the ability and confidence to transform differences from being an obstacle into your advantage?

That way is Worldview Intelligence and the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework.

So whether you’re managing mergers, creating better collaboration, building diverse workplaces or bringing communities together, the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions framework harnesses differences and complexity to create new ideas and environments that couldn’t exist without the strength of those differences.

The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework creates order from chaos, enables understanding of complexity and gives you the ability to appreciate and command differences to change the outcomes.

Does your strategy take into account the worldviews of others influencing or impacted by your outcomes? Our Worldview Intelligence approach will fill in critical gaps that will strengthen your strategic direction right from the vision to your key action areas.

Our Worldview Intelligence approach turns strategy into a responsive framework that stays on track even as circumstances change around you.

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We take a unique approach to leading change. Adding the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework to well established change strategies, we create engagement and alignment across your organization giving you more advantage for success.

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Over half of change initiatives fail. Are you planning a change or restructuring? We can will help you beat the odds. Change initiatives fail because the response of the people impacted by the change is underestimated. Not only do we create change strategies with you, but understanding the worldviews of people leading the change and those on the receiving end could be the secret ingredient to your success.
Do you have a conversation you’ve been avoiding? Is it because of the person, the topic or previous experience with that person? Your starting points may be very different and our Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework offers you new ways to start the conversation.

Discover how to play together better - one-to-one, in your teams or departments, across your organization or with partners.

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If it's about us, you can't do it without us.

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Today’s most pressing social issues require collaboration. But all stakeholders see and experience the situation differently. Worldview Intelligence reveals the points of connection among stakeholders and builds strength from differences to reveal new and innovative ways forward on Society’s most pressing issues.
Most mergers fail. Worldview Intelligence reveals blindspots that undermine success and sabotage outcomes. Routinely, they don’t deliver on expectations as cultures clash, turnover increases and anticipated shareholder return doesn’t materialize. A Worldview Intelligence strategy allows you to anticipate and plan for dynamics most often missed as you try to bring people and systems into alignment.

Discover how to use the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework to illuminate the hidden dynamics that cause the culture clashes so you can optimize your strategic alignment efforts.

We Can Help Your Merger Succeed