The Foundation Of Our Framework

In 1990 a diverse group of people (with backgrounds in physics, theology, philosophy, engineering sciences, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and sociology) who believed our world is becoming increasingly fragmented were brought together to create an integrating framework that allowed them to overcome this fragmentation. They sought to find a way to connect our everyday world with the global world of society, history and the cosmos. The Worldviews Group developed an approach that we now refer to as the Apostel framework as their solution. The premise is simple; once I understand and appreciate why you believe something I can choose to bring your perspectives into my own understanding and work in ways that stimulate innovation and imagination. Worldview Intelligence has adapted this work to create a skills framework specifically for businesses and communities to give them the ability to consistently transform differences into actionable advantages and affect real change and growth.

A Framework

We built Worldview Intelligence as a set of frameworks and models to ensure it is flexible enough to be equally effective in a diverse set of business and community environments. The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework has been in strategic use for almost a decade now and has transformed organizations and teams in ways that deeply impacted their culture and approach to their business. In every scenario, the approach unleashed strategic skills that made a deep and lasting impact on the organizations where it was used. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our Theory of Change

At the center of our Theory of Change is Worldview Intelligence Leadership. This is the ability to work effectively with many worldviews, beginning with self knowledge of your own worldview and activation points. Then usingWVI leadership strategies to work with team members, internal groups/departments or external partners/stakeholders When applying this Theory of Change, the first step is to CLARIFY the issues, challenges or opportunities and the outcomes desired for the future. The Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework is used to ILLUMINATE dynamics that often are hidden, make the multitude of worldviews that are inherent in any situation visible to work intentionally with them, find connections and alignments and then transform differences into strategic advantages. Processes, systems and structures can then be DESIGNed and modified based on experience to support intended outcomes. ACT involves the strategic use of conversational or engagement methods and practices to get work done, to address issues or challenges and solve problems and provide continual illumination and alignment of worldviews. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

About Jerry and Kathy and Worldview Intelligence Inc.

Thought leaders, skilled consultants, collaborators to change outcomes.

We are recognized as thought leaders on worldview, having steeped ourselves in understanding worldviews; using Worldview Intelligence to translate theory into practical application and action in a wide variety of client and community contexts.

We are skilled consultants and facilitators who prefer to collaborate with our clients on achieving identified outcomes. We have skilled team members in the US, Canada and Europe and can offer services in different languages (English, French and German). We customize teams based on location, the issues you need addressed or both.

Our international company is virtual so you pay for service not ornate offices. We come to you as well as offer virtual connection.