Worldview Intelligence Patterns and Practices in Organizations

Exploration of Worldview Intelligence Patterns and Practices in Organizations

Organizational Worldview Intelligence is essential when there are differences of opinions, belief or value systems or if your role requires you to work with distinctly different worldviews in client interactions, internally with staff or in policy development. Organizations that are Worldview Intelligent have stronger, often collaborative leadership. They are more inclusive, more creative and innovative, more responsive to changing circumstances, internally and externally, leading to more comprehensive solutions to issues and greater workforce engagement. During the organizational programs, we :

  • Use Systems Thinking to uncover organizational breakthrough points made possible through worldview awareness and intelligence
  • Explore how an organization’s worldview impacts its internal operations and external relationships
  • Identify and explore how to bring in organizational practices that welcome multiple worldview perspectives
  • Grow understanding of generative processes that build creativity and innovation in work and community settings

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