Worldview Intelligence Resources To Grow Team Cohesion

All of our work involves working with or being part of teams, no matter what we are up to. It can be as simple as Kathy and Jerry as a team. We’ve been part of and led hosting teams. We always work with client based Planning Teams and we help teams work together better in achieving their results and outcomes. We have built quite a few resources to help teams become healthier, to be more and do better.

High Performance Teams Resource Guide

You are welcome to download our High-Performance Teams Resource Guide. It describes the High-Performance Teams Model as well as each stage of the team life cycle. It offers two assessments to look at team performance which can be done on your own or, for greater impact, explored with your team.

Crafting Powerful Worldview Questions Mini-Course

Words create worlds and questions focus attention. Crafting powerful worldview questions is a skill anyone can develop. This mini-course offers a short video, a Resource Guide and a reflection guide to help you develop this skill.

Conflict Avoidance to Productive Outcomes

Interpersonal conflict can be painful and difficult to resolve. With this course, you will apply a Worldview Intelligence approach to a conflict that has been troubling you or your team. It could be something new that has recently showed up or a conflict that has persisted over time.

Being More. Doing Better. 6 Keys to Healthy Teams 90 Minute Webinar

You can join this interactive webinar on August 17, 2023 by yourself or with members of your team. You can ask us to schedule a webinar specifically for your team. You’ll learn how to draw on the worldviews of all your team members to understand each other better, collaborate more effectively and deliver consistently on outcomes.

Foundations of Worldview Intelligence

This online, self-paced course has been described as relatable to everyone, a terrific blend of professional and personal development, straight-forward and transformational, providing you with skills to bridge gaps and improve your intercultural competency. You can do it on your own, and it can be a team resource.  Sign up your team and contact us to see how we can support you as you move through each of the modules.


You can reach out to us directly to discuss how we can provide consulting support to you and your team to overcome challenges, improve trust, communication and connection, strategize the work you are engaged in, create role and decision making clarity or to grow your team’s performance. We are happy to help.

Buy our Book: Building Trust and Relationship at the Speed of Change

Ask us about buying our book or google it to purchase it online. We are happy to help with bulk purchases. Dr. Jim Rankin, President of South Dakota Mines University, told an audience he was speaking to that this is the best business book he’s read in a long time. He said, “Most leadership books remind you of what you already know. This one introduces you to new concepts and provides you with strategies and tactics to implement them.”

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