Worldview Intelligence: Definition and Skills

Worldview Intelligence Definition

Given that worldviews are the lenses through which we each see and experience the world, Worldview Intelligence is the ability to skillfully give voice and visibility to multiple worldviews in order to open explorations, make connections and bridge difference while maintaining compassion and humility. All of this is essential to build trust and relationship.

Worldview Intelligence Skills

There are many skills associated with developing competency in Worldview Intelligence. A few of them are:

  • Personal presence: the ability to fully attend to the environment or circumstance you are in and to the people you are engaging.
  • Deep listening: involves listening, from a deep, receptive, and caring place in oneself, to perceive deeper and often subtler levels of meaning and intention in the other person. It is listening that is generous, empathic, supportive, accurate, and trusting.
  • Artful inquiry: asking skillful questions with curiosity to learn more about the worldviews of an individual, group or community, to make connections and understand motivations.
  • Pattern recognition: the ability to recognize the deeper patterns in a conversation, relationship issue, organization, or system to bring visibility to it, illuminate blind spots and enable better responses.
  • Holding divergent views: the recognition that many worldviews exist on any given subject, acknowledging and inviting multiple worldviews and understanding better, more comprehensive decisions are made at the intersectionality of worldviews.

Which of these skills are you better at? Which would you like to grow your competency in? What is one small step you could take now to expand your own Worldview Intelligence?