Building trust and relationship at the speed of change

The best selling book from authors Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel of the Worldview Intelligence.

We are thrilled to share that our book, Building Trust and Relationship at the Speed of Change, is being listed as a Best Seller on several Amazon categories including: #1 in Business Leadership, #1 in Business Management,  #1 in Strategic Management, #1 in Business Teams,  #1 in Business Management and Leadership, #1 in Non-Profit Management and Leadership,  #1 in Non-Profit Marketing and Communications, #1 in Non-Profit Organizations and Charities, #2 in Organizational Behaviour, #2 in Workplace Behaviour, #5 in Business and Investing, #5 in Education and Teaching

About the book

Building Trust and Relationship at the Speed of Change the first book from Worldview Intelligence is finally ready to share. It will be hot off the press and available on Amazon, and other great retailers

You’ll Learn:

  1. what influences have shaped how you have come to see and experience the world around you – or your worldview
  2. what influences have shaped how you have come to see and experience the world around you – or your worldview
  3. the power of building trust and relationship in creating a strategic advantage (or in achieving results)
  4. how to discover the worldview of another person – or a team or organization – to build more effective relationships
  5. why you and others respond to (worldview) challenges the way you do and what to do about it
  6. why systems thinking is essential to planning any change initiative
  7. how to apply a new planning model to your personal and work situations
  8. practical examples and strategies through the stories contained in each chapter
"I have been waiting for this for months and it is finally happening! If you give a shit about diversity and inclusion and you haven't already signed up to get this amazing resource, trust me, it will be worthwhile. I've been reading a preview copy and am super impressed. This an incredibly well thought out resource."
Tathra Street

About the Authors

Kathy Jourdain, MBA (Canada) and Jerry Nagel, PhD (United States) are transnational business partners and the founders of Worldview Intelligence. They have developed an innovative, comprehensive approach to leadership development, community engagement, strategic planning, change management and mergers and acquisitions. From their decades of working in the trenches helping organizations and individual leaders accomplish their missions, the authors weave a broad array of familiar threads into a fresh new garment, giving readers the tools and pathways to leading with integrity, coherence and success. They are long time, skilled practitioners and global stewards of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter bringing the patterns and practices to work with clients and in community.



Kathy Jourdain, MBA + Jerry Nagel, PhD

"This is an amazing piece of work. It is a clear, readable, practical and even vulnerable story. It has all the potential of becoming a global guide and authority within organizations that can make the workplace a much more enjoyable and healthy space to work in."
RoberT Slob

What is Worldview Intelligence


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