Where are all the Inspired Spaces

Last week I (Kathy), attended an Engage Nova Scotia event celebrating their Sustainable Development Goals project. It’s been a while since I’ve connected with Engage or the people I know connected to that work. Two members of the board offered a Fireside Chat, centered on the question of: Why dream? Who gets to dream? What are the privileges of dreaming? They noted that dreaming is not accessible to everyone, depending on their reality or circumstances, and we certainly know that to be true. They also noted how compelled we are to dream, even when we are challenged in finding our way.

The Stuff of Soundbites  

As I listened to the uplifting conversation, and looked around the room at everyone who was there, it occurred to me that so many inspired spaces are relatively invisible. They don’t get the air time of the divisive sound bites promoted through social media, the increasing hostility of political discourse, the wars raging around the world or the coverage of natural and human-caused disasters. If that is the extent of our awareness of what is going on in the world, it is no wonder our collective sense of anxiety, despair and dread is increasing.  

New Mindset New Results concept on blackboard

Inspired Spaces – and People – are Everywhere  

So, where are the inspired spaces and inspired people? They are actually everywhere. We are everywhere. I was reminded of that at this event and I was reminded of it when I went to the CBC sponsored event in Halifax: Hear Me Out, featuring Irshad Manji, earlier this year.  The people who show up for these gatherings are looking for hope, ideas and strategies to make connections and influence the course of conversations and relationships in healthy and constructive ways. And, many people are showing up. We need to be intentional about attending and creating inspired spaces and we need to do whatever we can to illuminate and elevate them in the collective consciousness.

Designing for Inspired Spaces and Events 

The events many of us create, design and offer, like the Art of Participatory Leadership or Art of Hosting and Worldview Intelligence gatherings, also do this. Not only do they offer hope and inspiration, they help people access the confidence and courage they/we need to also create and design meetings, events, strategies and engagement sessions that inspire hope and confidence. In these spaces, we meet others who are working on important, thriving projects, despite or because of all that is going on. These spaces and events may not offer the soundbites that get carried away on social media, but they make a difference – in teams, organizations, communities and families.

Join Us in Inspired Spaces 

If you are looking for inspired spaces and people, and want to create the same, we offer several opportunities: our Worldview Intelligence monthly webinar series (this month, May 16, 2024, it’s Disagreeing Agreeably: Talking to Each Other in a Divided World), an Art of Participatory Leadership 2-day Intensive and the one-day Introduction to Worldview Intelligence, in Bloomington, MN in October 2024, or you can check out our Shades of Life Video conversations with dear friend and colleague, Tenneson Woolf.

Like participants who have attended past programs and webinars, you will leave deeply moved by the people you meet and the work they are up to. Together we are better. Together we are stronger. Together we are inspired.

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