Change Your Thinking, Change The Conversation, Change the Outcome

Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them.” The question is, how do we go about changing our thinking?

einstein - solving problemsWorldview Intelligence has been proven to provide a mechanism to do just that. It is an approach that can be applied to a variety of organizational and community challenges and it offers a framework that enables people to organize their thinking differently. It provides new language to address stuck issues and it offers a way to see and understand the complexity that so many of us are challenged by.

A number of explorations are possible with the same WVI framework including personal, professional, team, organizational, culture and social systems. The fact that the same framework applies in all these situations makes it sticky. And, our clients have told us it is like “having a secret weapon that gives us the skills, power and confidence to change outcomes.” It is a Worldview Intelligence Advantage.

Clients who have benefited from the Worldview Intelligence approach include a 200,000 member union in New Jersey shifting its primary focus from service to organizing, a growing health care organization in the mid-US wanting to bring coherence across the mergers and acquisitions that have fuelled its growth, a small community addressing the issue of workforce readiness and availability of workers in the region over the next few decades, side-by-side white and Native American communities wanting to bridge cultural worldviews and change the nature of their relationship, a local Law Society shifting the culture of the regulation of law in their province, and the national energy utility in Bermuda.