What is Worldview Intelligence: Videos That Tell the Stories

What is Worldview Intelligence? Where did it come from? How is it useful? Why might you want to experience a Worldview program? Where could you use it?

These links will take you to short videos offering information, explanation and testimonials or to full length blogs focused on individual’s stories of their experience and application of Worldview Intelligence.

Worldview Information, Background and Growth

Jerry and KathyJerry and me cropped

What is your Worldview, how do you know and how does it impact – highlighting Nova Scotia as a Social System

The first Worldview Intelligence video – what is this work and what are we learning?


Jerry speaks about the Origins of the Worldview Intelligence Framework

Jerry reflects on how your view of the world influences how you act.


Kathy shares how the Worldview Intelligence framework is adaptable and intuitive and allows individuals and clients to strategize relationships and communication differently to find ways forward on issues that matter.

Kathy reflects on the Impact of Worldview Intelligence on consulting and programming

Video Testimonials

Asia van Buuren

Asia van Buuren speaks about her experience in the May 2016 Worldview Program in Halifax, how welcomed she felt as a young person, her appreciation of the focus on systems thinking and complexity and how she thinks she will have ample opportunities to apply the framework, particularly in situations of tension or conflict. You can find her video here.

Stefani Hite

We first met Stefani Hite at an Art of Hosting training in Philadelphia and she immediately signed on for the Worldview Intelligence Program a few months later in Halifax. She is in a beautiful learning journey and the worldview explorations took her to a whole new level of depth. Check out her video testimonial.

Amy Brierley

Amy Brierley speaks about her interest in understanding complexity, systems change and social systems and how the W0rldview Intelligence provides an accessible, applicable framework for these explorations.

Jaime Smith

Jaime Smith believes that Worldview Intelligence is essential for any one working in community for meaningful engagement.

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson works for the Nova Scotia Health Authority and she came to the Worldview Intelligence program because there was something even in the word Worldview that caught her attention. In one video, she speaks thoughtfully and eloquently about a light-bulb moment when it really became clear to her that she is not her own audience so how to understand the audience she is trying to reach to strategize communication differently. In the second video, she speaks about the many different places she imagines she will use what she learned as well as advising anyone interested to take the program but come with an open mind.


Alan Gaudet describes his Worldview Intelligence experience in the context of his intercultural work in relation to travel, working with new Canadians and international students. He says it will take you places you cannot get to on your own and it is a validating, worthwhile experience.


Worldview International Forum

On June 28, 2016 we had our first Worldview International Forum call to introduce Worldview Intelligence to those interested in understanding a bit more what it is we offer and why we have been finding the explorations available so powerful. The call was an hour long and it has been posted unedited on our Worldview Intelligence You Tube Channel.

Written/Spoken Testimonials

Tracey Jones-Grant 2 cropped

Tracy Jones-Grant shared how her experience with Worldview Intelligence has caused her to think differently about a whole range of things personally and professionally in work around issues and questions of diversity.

Jaime Smith - cropped

Jaime Smith loves the academic rigour and research behind the Worldview Intelligence framework. She noted you can work within existing structures differently when you are able to apply the 6 dimensions of the framework to ongoing issues that may be stuck.

Dan Christmas

Dan Christmas speaks about a worldview shift he experienced during his work with the Now or Never Report.

Additional Testimonials from Evaluations and/or Conversations

From an April 27-15 conversation with a new client who experienced a brief taste of worldview that was part of a day working with a Responsive Planning Framework as a way to think about invitation – who to invite in a way they feel invited. He has invited us to bring Worldview into an exploration to improve communication with his team.

His reflections about the worldview framework we are using:

“It makes no assumptions about the other person but takes them as they are. It provides a language and framework to understand where someone else is coming from. It is not built on a fancy, complicated system but rather a simple way of entering the exploration. It is not a system that helps them do what they already do but better. It changes the way we enter the conversation which changes the conversation.”

“People’s stories here today have influenced my worldview, reinforcing the importance of understanding the other other person and their worldview. Worldview Intelligence is a wonderful doorway through which to initiate the conversation. If you can’t get to the conversation, you can’t get to the change.”  Social change agent, Provincial Government

“This day reinforced the need to have people explore their own thoughts and opinions rather than telling them what they need to change. People don’t always have the opportunity to be in that exploration.” Long term Diversity Practitioner

“Participants in Worldview Intelligence sessions have stated that the reflective space they are invited into about worldview(s), where it comes from, what their own worldview is and curiosity about others’ worldviews helps create an understanding of how to give voice and visibility to multiple worldviews. It creates openings for successfully leading different, more inclusive conversations on issues and challenges that routinely show up in organizations, communities and social systems.”

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