Where will people choose to work in the future?

In organizations where they can thrive, in a culture of relationship and trust.
Do you want to enhance or build this kind of culture in and across your organization?

What is Worldview Intelligence For All

At Worldview Intelligence we offer our clients a foundational approach and comprehensive strategy for:

– Building trust and relationship;
Supporting inclusion and belonging;
– Leading change and growing resilience;
– More effective partnership and collaboration

This is done through a shared language and new concepts, creating the conditions for alignment of people, processes and structures. Everything else you do, all other initiatives and programs, can take root and grow in this foundation.

Watch this video to learn more or reach out to Kathy or Jerry for a conversation about how Worldview Intelligence can help you meet your business objectives.

Our extensive, versatile approach

Worldview Intelligence for All

includes four components

An on-line, participatory learning series for leaders, directors and managers with trans-national partners Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel.

A customized 4-part, asynchronous animated video learning series accessible to anyone in your organization.

Keynote talks to build interest, engagement and momentum throughout the learning series.

Scheduled drop-in conversations and coaching with Jerry and Kathy.

Let's Talk And Learn If we're a Good Fit