It’s all great until the culture clashes show up. And they will.

Sparks ignite when organization meets organization. Consider this: if an organization has a culture and then sub-cultures within it – and it does – then when they meet up through merger, acquisition or consolidation it is no wonder so many sparks ignite. What makes sense – aligning work strategies and processes across the new entity – leads to conflict, resistance and grief.

Worldview explorations and systems mapping make hidden dynamics visible and then it all seems obvious. We offer processes that help you see and understand the worldviews at play, disentangle identities and map the organizational social systems allowing for strategic alignment and giving you better opportunities to leverage your growth and assets.

Case Study: It's Obvious, Unless It Isn't.

When we see it, it’s obvious. Until then, it’s a hidden dynamic. Worldview Intelligence provides many different opportunities to reveal the obvious, making it possible to strategize relationships and communications in ways that move issues of common interest forward, often in new and previously un-thought-of ways.

Each of the Worldview Intelligence explorations – personal, professional, team, organizational, cultural, social systems – provides a window into seeing more of what exists, illuminating patterns, assumptions, belief and value systems in reflective, curious and generative ways. The best way to understand this is through stories.