Jerry Nagel, PhD – Minnesota USA

Jerry brings a unique background in economic development focused on rural areas combined with the ability to also work in and understand large urban centers. He works with a variety of organizations of all sizes in a variety of contexts. His BA and MA in Economics is complimented by his PhD in Social Studies from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. It was Jerry’s pursuit of his PhD that brought attention to research on worldviews. With his partner, Kathy Jourdain, they have diligently and successfully worked to bring practical application to what was primarily a philosophical theory of change. His work is grounded in the patterns and practices of the Art of Participatory Leadership and the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, a self organized global network where he is internationally recognized as a meaningful contributor and steward. Over his career, Jerry has served in leadership positions in several organizations, including the Association for Human Development, North Dakota Rural Development Corporation, Crookston Enterprise Development Center, Northwest Regional Development Commission, Red River Trade Council and Northern Great Plains Rural Development Commission. He also served as an economic development advisor to former North Dakota Governor Art Link. A life long fan of public radio, he is the Chair of the Board for Prairie Public Broadcasting.