Some work simply cannot get done without engaging “the system”.

The potential to collaborate breaks down when one or two stakeholders in the system try to impose their worldviews on other parts of the system, believing their way is the right way and for the good of the whole. It creates conflict not change.

Worldview Intelligence Is Your Secret Weapon

From the decision on who is part of the conversation and with the framework for the conversation, Worldview Intelligence provides skills and mechanisms to lead and manage productive, change-inducing conversations amongst your stakeholders; no matter how conflicting their worldviews may seem. The Worldview Intelligence approach invites your stakeholders to share their competing and aligned worldviews and then gives them the skills and structure to discover the strengths in the differences and make progress on issues that matter to all concerned. It can be as simple – and as difficult – as getting all the “right” people talking to each other and engaged in the purpose of the work.

Civic Engagement Case Study: Employers and Students Imagine The Workplace Of The Future

The Blandin Foundation approached us about changing the conversation on workplace readiness and the changing demographics of the workplace. We worked with them to determine the nature and scope of the initiative, designed an approach to engage employers, future employees (students) and the community and then hosted a series of conversations with employers, with students and in schools and with community members.

Working with the Worldview Intelligence Six Dimensions Framework, these conversations dispelled stereotypes, found points of agreement and recognized that responding to these issues is not just an employer responsibility but a community wide responsibility to build the support systems that bring newcomers to smaller towns and bring young people back after post-secondary education or travel.