Worldview Intelligence – Halifax, NS – May 30-June 1, 2016

Worldview Intelligence: Transforming difference into understanding into progress


Participants at the Engage NS – Social Systems Worldview Exploration – April 2016

An exploration for more comprehensive solutions to issues that matter
To work effectively with differences, deal with complexity and resolve conflict

fragmentation - glassIncreasing Complexity. Greater Urgency. More Polarized Views. Stuck Issues.

Each day there are more profound business, social, political and humanitarian issues and challenges that have our attention. We are experiencing increasing fragmentation and complexity at a faster pace as we are asked to respond more urgently. A defining characteristic of the 21st Century is that multiple perspectives – or worldviews – permeate our organizations, communities and social systems. When stakes are high, views on issues that matter often become adversarial. The more entrenched people become in reactive positions, the greater the polarization and the harder it is to find a way forward. People revert to research and data to “prove” points of view, becoming even more attached to positions and less open to alternatives. When data arguments do not work, what’s next?


Office tower of windowsA Way Forward When Views Collide or Issues are Stuck

Worldview Intelligence offers a structured approach for exploring individual and collective assumptions, beliefs and value systems and offers a way to strategize, and then be in, conversations, planning and relationships differently. This opens the potential for more comprehensive approaches and solutions to emerge on a range of issues and opportunities. In a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented and polarized, Worldview Intelligence gives voice and visibility to multiple worldviews and creates openings for successfully leading different, more inclusive conversations on issues and challenges that routinely show up in organizations, communities and social systems.


World Cafe PicWVI Program Offerings for Halifax (May 30-June 1, 2016):

Worldview Intelligence Personal and Organizational Foundation Program (May 30&31, 2016):

The Worldview Intelligence framework identifies and helps develops the skills and abilities to work with and hold differing and multiple worldviews simultaneously.  This is essential when there are differences of opinions, beliefs or value systems in organizations or communities or if your role requires you to work with distinctly different worldviews in client interactions, internally with staff or in policy development. Understanding your own worldview is an essential practice to the exploration of organizational worldview to find points of connection that transform differences into progress.

Optional Addition (June 1, 2016):

Worldview Intelligent Social Systems:

When stakes are high, views on issues that matter often become polarized. We revert to research and data to “prove” points of view, becoming more entrenched in positions and less open to alternatives. When data arguments do not work, what’s next? Finding points of connection through other means. Worldview Intelligence offers more comprehensive approaches to finding ways forward.

Social Systems Graphic

Who Should Come?

  • Organizational Leaders responsible for creating inclusive workplaces and engaged teams
  • OD consultants responsible for change initiatives, continuous learning and restructuring
  • HR consultants (internal and external) responsible for leadership development and policies on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Social change agents inside organizations, community and social systems
  • Art of Hosting practitioners wanting to deepen their hosting practice
  • Individuals interested in developing Worldview Intelligence skills and practices


Registration Information and Logistics:

Foundation Program, May  30&31, 2016: $600+HST (& Event Registration Fee)
Include the Worldview Intelligent Social Systems: $250+HST (& Event Registration Fee)
Groups of 3 or more qualify for a 10% discount.

Location: Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites, Brunswick Street, Halifax (Rooms are available for anyone looking for accommodation)

For more information: Register at Eventbrite.
Your spot is not confirmed until payment is received.


Kathy Jourdain or 902 832 3178

Jerry Nagel or 218 280 1105