Worldview Australia – November 18-20, 2015 – Transforming Differences Into Progress

Join us for the first open enrolment Worldview Intelligence program in Australia in Melbourne

November 18-20, 2015

Flinders St Railway Station

What if there are new ways into, and through, today’s most challenging conversations? What if there was a simple guide to learning how?

Three days (with options to choose) to explore:

  1. Worldview Intelligence as a Personal Leadership Practice
  2. Organizational Worldview Intelligence as a means to offer greater leadership potential, more inclusive, welcoming workplaces and creativity that arises from the interaction of multiple worldviews, leading more often to innovative ideas or solutions and greater workforce engagement
  3. Applying Worldview Intelligence to Social Systems and/or stakeholder groups to find new ways to move challenging or stuck issues forward, move from entrenchment in points of view to finding ways forward that incorporate differing worldviews.

(For more information on each of these days, what they are about, who should come and what you will learn, keep scrolling down past the registration information.)

To hear the basic introduction to Worldview Intelligence check out this video by Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel.

You have the option of registering for two or three days. Day 1 is a prerequisite to either of the other two days.

Registration fees:

Day 1 (November 18, 2015) and Day 2 (November 19, 2015): $600AU

Day 1 (November 18, 2015) and Day 3 (November 30, 2015): $600AU

All 3 days for: $800AU

To register click here.

Location: Synergistiq offices, 97 Drummond St., Carlton, Victoria  3053

Why Worldview Intelligence?  

For employee engagement, workforce development and improved outcomes by transforming differences into progress

As a leadership practice, Worldview Intelligence equips individuals, organizations. communities and social systems with the skills and ability to work with and hold different and multiple worldviews simultaneously.

“Worldview Intelligence makes no assumptions about the other person but takes them as they are. It provides a language and framework to understand where someone else is coming from. It is not built on a fancy, complicated system but rather a simple way of entering the exploration. It is not a system that helps them do what they already do but better. It changes the way we enter the conversation which changes the conversation.”

Day 1, November 18, 2015: Exploration of Worldview Intelligence as a Personal Leadership Practice

Anais Nin - We don't see things as they areThe willingness to bring compassion, curiosity and non-judgment to understanding worldview and how it impacts our lives and the lives of people we interact with is a personal leadership practice. As a personal leadership practice, Worldview Intelligence provide sthe opportunity to:

  • Explore your worldview, how it was formed and how it influences your relationships and communication
  • Learn about, acknowledge and appreciate other perspectives or worldviews
  • Identify strategies to navigate encounters with differing perspectives to find new ways forward on matters of shared interest or concern or to resolve conflict
  • at how systems thinking influences the development and perpetuation of your worldview
  • Examine the neuroscience behind your physiological responses, learn to recognize triggers and identify how to use this information in helpful ways to expand or shift your worldview(s)
  • Understand how storytelling influences your worldview and use reflective listening practices to expand awareness

Have you ever found yourself in a position of:

  • Defending your perspective or position?
  • Trying to convince someone else they should see the world the way you do?
  • Feeling offended when someone else does not understand your perspective or point of view?
  • Being surprised because someone else has a valid but different point of view than yours?
  • Reverting to fact-based arguments to convince someone you are right without much success?

Who is Personal Worldview Intelligence for and why is it important?

Worldview Intelligence as a personal leadership practice is foundational to both organizational and social systems Worldview Intelligence application. It is based in experience and not just the theory of the practices. This day is for:

  • Organizational Leaders responsible for creating inclusive workplaces, engaged teams and increasing workforce engagement
  • OD consultants responsible for change initiatives, continuous learning and restructuring
  • HR consultants (internal and external) responsible for leadership development and policies on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Art of Hosting practitioners wanting to deepen their hosting practice
  • Social change agents inside organizations, systems and communities
  • Anyone interested in becoming more worldview aware and growing the skills of Worldview Intelligence

Day 2, November 19, 2015: Organizational/Team Worldview Intelligence Patterns and Practices

workforce engagement

Organizational Worldview Intelligence is essential when there are differences of opinions, beliefs or value systems or if your role requires you to work with distinctly different worldviews in client interactions, internally with staff or in policy development. During this day, we :

  • Explore how an organization’s worldview impacts its internal operations and external relationships using the Six Dimensions of the Worldview Intelligence framework
  • Use Systems Thinking to uncover organizational breakthrough points made possible through worldview awareness
  • Identify and explore how to bring in organizational practices that welcome multiple worldview perspectives
  • Grow understanding of generative processes that build creativity and innovation in work and community settings

Are you looking for alternative approaches to any of the following scenarios:

  • Debate in meetings or public gatherings so loud nobody is listening for what’s really going on
  • Awkward silences when people are not comfortable saying what needs to be said?
  • Diversity or equity training not delivering the results you expected?
  • Conflict resolution programs fail to deliver?
  • Silos still existing in your organization despite your efforts to tear them down?

Experiencing and understanding the power of Worldview Intelligence often leads to more creative solutions to the human dynamics challenges we routinely encounter in all kinds of places. 

Who is this day for?

  • Organizational Leaders responsible for creating inclusive workplaces, engaged teams and increasing workforce engagement
  • OD consultants responsible for change initiatives, continuous learning and restructuring
  • HR consultants (internal and external) responsible for leadership development and policies on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Social change agents inside organizations, systems and communities

Day 3, November 20, 2015: Applying Worldview Intelligence to Social Systems

live-communityWhen the stakes are high, views on issues that matter often become polarized. Individuals and groups revert to research and data to “prove” their point of view, becoming more entrenched in their position and less open to disconfirming data. Finding points of common interest becomes less likely. When data arguments do not work, what’s next?

Finding points of connection through other means. Worldview Intelligence applied to Social Systems offers more comprehensive approaches to finding ways forward.

Are these familiar scenarios?

  • A project you are working on is impacted by a larger social system or you need to understand better the social system within which you work
  • You are working on a stuck issue with different individuals or stakeholder groups digging in their heels for their own point of view and arguments using data are proving ineffectual
  • Decisions made by a “higher authority” but then no movement happens because there was no collective agreement or common ground
  • You need to create a greater sense of belonging in your organization or community and previous attempts have had limited or no success
  • You are working or collaborating with a group that seems to hold substantially different perspectives than yours and have yet to find points of connection to move forward together

Worldview Intelligence for Social Systems offers the opportunity to:

  • Explore strategies to get beyond standoffs on issues that matter, shifting from adversarial debates to solution based conversations
  • Identify ways to get past the self-interest of groups or individuals involved and build points of connection
  • Discover hidden patterns and discern the unwritten norms or mental models that might be impacting communication and progress
  • Understand whether an imposition of worldviews exists and how to address this in an exploratory fashion

You should come to this day if:

  • You are working in or across social systems
  • You or your organization are responsible for stakeholder dialogues or stakeholder engagement
  • You are dealing with sensitivities in the systems within which you are working and you need to find new ways forward
  • You want to find alternatives to diversity and/or cross cultural training that surface underlying dynamics and patterns

Bring a particular issue or initiative you are working on now to apply the Worldview Intelligence patterns and frameworks to spark your thinking and have immediate practical application.

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