Transforming Differences Into Progress with Engage NS – A Worldview Social Systems Taster – April 15, 2016 Halifax

Friday, April 15, 2016 at 09:30 AM · $35.00 CAD
Halifax Central Library, Rm 301

Transforming Differences into Progress

“We do not, as a province, share broad agreement on the need for economic growth, and we have divergent and often conflicting ideas about how best to achieve it. There is division between rural and urban perspectives, and a lack of public confidence in private sector leadership of the economy. While virtually everyone sees the need for population growth and greater wealth generation, most of the practical strategies to achieve these outcomes are controversial.”

— Now or Never, oneNS Report, Feb. 2014

tug of war rope

When the stakes are high, views on issues often become polarized. In Nova Scotia, a collision of worldviews is lived out every day. How do we have the conversations we need in a way that honours these differences while transforming them into progress?

In this taster workshop we will explore practical ways of getting unstuck and moving forward. We will learn how to:

  • Shift from adversarial debates to solution-based conversations
  • Build points of connection among groups and individuals
  • See hidden patterns and unwritten norms that are impacting our ability to move forward

Social Systems Graphic


You can register for the event at Engage NS’s website.

Aaron McKenzie Fraser - photographer - http://www.amfraser.comKathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel are pioneering Worldview Intelligence™, an approach to leadership development, conflict resolution and innovation that has been well received by business, community and government groups in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Australia.

Jerry received his PhD from Tilburg University in the Netherlands in Jerry Nagel - grad pic2015, and his research and dissertation form a strong foundation for the Worldview Intelligence work. Kathy and Jerry are both practitioners and stewards of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter and have been consulting and training together since 2011. They are currently co-writing a book on Worldview Intelligence. Jerry is the President of the Meadowlark Institute based in Minnesota and Kathy is the owner of Shape Shift Strategies Inc. based in Bedford, NS.