Worldview Intelligence Public Programs

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There are currently public enrolment programs scheduled for Minneapolis, MN on October 19-21, 2016 and Cologne, Germany on November 2-4, 2016. Ask us about the European Supporter’s Circle for Germany and what might be possible for North America.

We are happy to have a conversation with you about bringing a program to your area or about working with you in your organization or community. 

This rapidly evolving body of work generates a deeper understanding of worldview, how worldviews are developed and why understanding them and growing the skills to work with them creates a fundamentally different environment for some of today’s most challenging conversations, creating the potential to transform differences into progress.

What are Practices and Skills of  Worldview Intelligence ?

As a leadership practice, Worldview Intelligence equips individuals, organizations and communities with the skills and ability to work with and hold different and multiple worldviews simultaneously.  This includes:

  • Awareness of your own worldview and learning about, acknowledging and appreciating other perspectives or worldviews
  • Navigation of encounters with differing perspectives to find new ways forward on matters of shared interest or concern or to resolve conflict
  • Cultural agility in a range of settings that allows us to advance many interests at the same time
  • Practices that raise awareness of beliefs and assumptions we each hold to work with them in new ways
  • A framework or guide for ongoing individual and collective worldview exploration and more creative problem solving with individuals, communities and organizations 

Who is this for?

  • Organizational Leaders responsible for creating inclusive workplaces, engaged teams and increasing workforce engagement
  • OD consultants responsible for change initiatives, continuous learning and restructuring
  • HR consultants (internal and external) responsible for leadership development and policies on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Art of Hosting practitioners wanting to deepen their hosting practice
  • Social change agents inside organizations, systems and communities
  • Anyone interested in becoming more worldview aware and growing the skills of Worldview Intelligence

Are you looking for alternative approaches to any of the following scenarios:

  • Debate in meetings or public gatherings so loud nobody is listening for what’s really going on
  • Awkward silences when people are not comfortable saying what needs to be said?
  • Diversity or equity training not delivering the results you expected?
  • Conflict resolution programs fail to deliver?
  • Silos still existing in your organization despite your efforts to tear them down?

Experiencing and understanding the power of Worldview Intelligence often leads to more creative solutions to the human dynamics challenges we routinely encounter in all kinds of places. 

“Worldview Intelligence makes no assumptions about the other person but takes them as they are. It provides a language and framework to understand where someone else is coming from. It is not built on a fancy, complicated system but rather a simple way of entering the exploration. It is not a system that helps them do what they already do but better. It changes the way we enter the conversation which changes the conversation.”

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