Worldview Intelligence: Change the Outcome ~ Halifax, November 30, 2017


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The Worldview Intelligence Advantage gives you the skills, power and confidence to change your outcomes. November 30, 2017 – Alderney Landing, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Z3

Diversity / Complexity / Innovation

ideasOur workplaces and communities are changing rapidly but the skills and approaches we use aren’t.

Gain new skills and techniques for navigating increasingly complex and diverse work environments and communities.

Addressing Conflict is Hard

teamworkWe desire simple solutions or we just want conflict to go away, but this doesn’t change the outcome.

Learn a language, structure and approach to confidently address tension or conflict.

Priority Schools sesson

In this one day program, you will:plan

  • Learn frameworks to understand why situations are complex
  • Identify new strategies to approach difficult conversations or relationships
  • Apply the Worldview Intelligence framework
  • Explore the skills and specific applications of Worldview Intelligence

Worldview Intelligence is Not for Everyone. Is it for you?

 leafWorldview Intelligence is not for everyone. It requires a relational approach to communications and leadership as well as the willingness to take the time to be strategic.

WVI works best in partnership where our consulting teams and solutions can be tailored to the issues you are addressing in your organization, culture, community or social system.

Registration Information

Registration Fee: $ 350.00 + HST and Eventbrite fee (includes lunch and program materials)

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Contact information: Kathy Jourdain,   902 483 4737 or Jerry Nagel,   218 280 1105

HRM Diversity-and-Inclusion-taglineThis one day Worldview Intelligence program is supported by Halifax’s Department of Diversity and Inclusion.


For more information download the 1 page flyer for November 30, 2017 in Halifax: 1 day flyer – v5.2 – reduced