Clients and Open Enrolment Applications

We have been offering Worldview Intelligence as a strategic thinking approach to consulting and as exploratory programs since August 2014 when we first began to recognize the potential of this work. We have been able to bring Worldview Intelligence to an impressive array of settings since that time.


Clients embarking on innovative initiatives have brought in Worldview Intelligence to create culture shifts to sustain new patterns, relationships, communication and thinking over time. Examples include:

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society

NSBS is changing the way they regulate the profession of law in the province – a leading edge shift that has the eyes of the world watching their progress. The entire staff team was introduced to WVI to increase their cross departmental communication, collaboration and ability to engage different views. The Governing Council imagined the future NSBS is moving toward and what that means for their own practices in providing effective governance to this new direction.

Sandford Health

Sandford launched a new approach to patient care, originally piloted in six clinics, coordinated by an implementation team. Nine months into the pilot, we were invited to bring a Worldview Intelligence approach to creating connections across the teams. A personal exploration helped each person understand the lenses through which they see and experience the world. The social systems exploration made visible underlying patterns and dynamics that eventually led to the disbandment of the implementation team who had served their purpose and new ways of bringing on new clinic teams.


Unions that find themselves in need of reinventing themselves to be responsive to changing needs are using Worldview Intelligence to explore what that means and develop practices and processes to create the shift that keeps them relevant in changing conditions. Examples:

New Jersey Education Association (NJEA)

NJEA is shifting from a service model to an organizing model using collaborative leadership practices to engage staff, consultants and members in more participatory ways.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies expand through mergers and acquisitions, it is common to experience clashes of worldviews which comes not just from the organizations that have come together but external influences as well like the communities that the companies reside in. Making visible the complexity of these views, like we did with one of Sanford Health’s departments, changes the communication, strategies and outcomes.


Worldview Intelligence has been a dynamic exploration in many different education system applications, including with education unions, university students, high school students and students outside of the mainstream education systems. Examples include:

  • New Jersey Education Association
  • Massachusetts’ Teachers Association
  • Deer River High School (Grade 10 students)
  • Leech Lake Nation Youth Build Program
  • International Exchange Students at Rennes University in France

Native American

We have been called to bring Worldview Intelligence to a variety of Native American communities and institutions, often bringing our partner LeMoine LaPointe into that work with us. Examples include:

  • Leech Lake Youth Build Program
  • Redwood Falls/Lower Sioux community connections
  • Turtle Mountain Community College
  • United Tribes Technical College


Communities exhibit a complex weave of views within overarching characteristics of the community. Untangling what the various views are enables communities and organizations working with communities to be more intentional about their work. Worldview Intelligence has been an impactful exploration both when brought directly to community and in working with organizations that provide services to community. Examples include:

  • Blandin Foundation and working directly in the community of Grand Rapids
  • Northwest Area Foundation
  • Redwood Falls/Lower Sioux community connections
  • Wilder Foundation


Clients We’ve Worked With (A Sampling)

  • Australiasian Sonographers Association (Australia): Worldview Intelligence
  • Blandin Foundation, MN
  • Dakota Rising (South Dakota): 2015 Dakota Rising Conference for Entrepreneurs
  • Dartmouth Sportsplex (Nova Scotia): Worldview Intelligence and Interdepartmental Communication
  • Deer River High School, MN
  • Engage Nova Scotia
  • European Commission (Belgium): An Introduction to the Transformative Power of Worldview Intelligence
  • Grand Rapids, MN: Worldview Intelligence for Community Leadership
  • Leech Lake Youth Build Program
  • Massachusetts Teachers Association
  • New Jersey Education Association
  • Northwest Area Foundation (US)
  • Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society (Canada)
  • Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia: Worldview Intelligence for Pharmacy Leadership
  • Redwood Falls/Lower Sioux Nation
  • Rennes University (France): Worldview Intelligence for International and Exchange Students
  • Sanford Health (US)
  • Turtle Mountain Community College
  • United Tribes Technical College and North Dakota State University
  • Wilder Foundation

Previous Open Enrolment Worldview Intelligence Programs

  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Minnesota
  • Nova Scotia


  • Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia
  • TEDx Talk – 1000 Lakes