Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis photoDave Ellis is the owner and Principal Consultant at Dave Ellis Consulting, LLC, a group dedicated to using Worldview Intelligence and the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter for training, strategic planning and community engagement.

He has hosted discussions with groups ranging from 10 to 2,000 participants on topics from strategic planning for communities and nonprofits and equity to community engagement with state and other agencies.

Dave has been exploring the impact of early childhood trauma on adult issues and been instrumental in conversations on race, power and privilege in Minnesota. He is a Certified Master Trainer on the impact of trauma on the neurobiology and brain development of children prenatal through 3 years of age, epigenetics, the Adverse Childhood Experiences study (ACE Study) and individual and community resilience and capacity building.

Dave engages others in creating system-wide, community-based and culturally-specific approaches to address trauma- and stress-induced health issues in the lives of African American men and boys. He is a local, national and international trainer on topics including the impact of trauma, trauma informed care, worldview intelligence and community engagement strategies.

He is a Global Steward of the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations That Matter. He facilitates community and agency training and strategic planning sessions utilizing the processes and methodologies at its core.

He has participated in and served as a consulting producer with tptMN on 2 documentaries, directed the implementation of large scale research projects including the Racial Disparity Initiative and the Statewide Racial Profiling Study while at the Council on Crime and Justice. He specializes in engaging clients in dialogs that are the most difficult in a way that allows all participants to fully participate in our dialogs around the most intractable of our social concerns.

He is a former employee of the Minnesota Departments of Corrections (DOC) and Public Safety (DPS), retiring after 25+ years of service.  He began his career as a Correctional Officer and was promoted through the correctional ranks.  He has held various positions including corrections security case manager, Affirmative Action Officer, Executive Officer of Juvenile Release, Director of Diversity and Equity and Project Director.

He is also a former employee of Greater Twin Cities United Way where he had responsibility for the domestic violence and homelessness goal areas with responsibility for over $8M in grant funding. Ellis has worked for numerous other nonprofits.

Dave is a contracted Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) trainer. He currently provides training to new foster parents and social workers on topics including the DHS statewide curriculums entitled Resource Families curriculum, Secondary Traumatic Stress and Relating to Primary Families. He is currently engaged with the DHS in the development of a new curriculum on primary trauma and its impact on families and children.