Our Worldview Partners and Collaborators

Jerry Nagel,PhD and Kathy Jourdain, MBA

We (Jerry Nagel and Kathy Jourdain) are the co-founders and principle developers of Worldview Intelligence programs and curriculum. We work with a variety of colleagues around the world in ongoing program development and delivery, part of the joy of being independent consultants in a network of colleagues, giving us the ability to be nimble, flexible and responsive to opportunities and client needs – small and large – without substantial overhead.

We became excited  about the potential of Worldview Intelligence through presenting and working with the material at AoH trainings and elsewhere. Since becoming aware of the power and potential of this exploration, we have been developing a series of Worldview IntelligenceTM curriculums flowing from theory, research and practical application. They have been well received in rural and urban communities – together and with other colleagues – in the US, Canada, Belgium, Brazil, France, Australia and elsewhere with very homogenous and very diverse populations that include immigrant and refugee populations, Native American, African American and African Nova Scotian communities, in health care, university settings, faith based communities, on community engagement, stakeholder dialogues and strategic issues.

Jerry received his PhD in May 2015 through Tilburg University in the Netherlands. His dissertation focused on using Worldview exploration as a dialogic/hosting process. His background is in rural and economic development. He immersed himself in a 5 day Theory U program with Otto Scharmer and ran a Change Lab with Adam Kahane that ultimately led to the creation of the Meadowlark Institute in Minnesota.

Kathy has applied AoH and Theory U to much of her work including in Nova Scotia, Canada where she lives. Her experience ranges from a four year province wide initiative on Collaborative Care / Interdisciplinary Practice in Health Care, to four years of co-leading the Envision Halifax Leadership Program to leadership development and strategic offerings in a variety of client organizations. She brings compassion and curiosity to her inter-cultural work, including working with initiatives in the African Nova Scotian community. Her background prior to consulting was in the health charity sector.

Jerry Nagel and Kathy Jourdain

Jerry Nagel and Kathy Jourdain

Nancy Bragard

Nancy Bragard Photo

Nancy Bragard

A Franco-American consultant, Nancy accompanies individuals and teams of diverse cultures (national and organizational) through systemic transformation. She facilitates change through participative methodologies which allow for the emergence of tacit and often unexploited knowledge. A firm believer of the empowerment conferred through participatory practices and the soundness of the collective intelligence thus released, Nancy optimizes for her clients sustainable actions, as they are identified, crafted and coordinated by the actors themselves.


Rolf Schneidereit


The first impulse for a European Worldview Intelligence gathering appeared during an Art of Hosting – Beyond the Basics Training in 2015. In several conversations with other European participants, Rolf realized a strong need for a European gathering, in which the different worldviews across Europe can appear in a safe dialogue frame. This brought him to the call for the first worldview Intelligence program in Europe. For more information check out his website www.gut-moderiert.de

LeMoine LaPointe


LeMoine LaPointe

LeMoine LaPointe is a member of the Sicangu Lakota, the Titunwan division of the Oceti Sakowin (Seven Council Fires). The living legacy of his indigenous people enlivens his more than 35 years of engagement-centered facilitation and leadership of youth at risk and adults in culturally-exclusive and multi-cultural settings, from geographically isolated tribal communities to ethnically diverse inner-city neighborhoods.

His infusion of indigenous culture and contemporary adventure-based practice in his consultant work restores the extraordinary in a field too often saturated with ordinary experiences. His integration of environmental, nature based, and wilderness centered experience offers a fresh approach to organizational and community engagement. He chairs the boards of the American Indian OIC and AIM Interpretive Center. He is a founding board member of the Tiwahe Foundation and Native Youth Alliance of Minnesota. Finally, he is member of the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis.


Dave Ellis

Dave Ellis photo

Dave Ellis

Dave is dedicated to using Worldview Intelligence and the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter for training, strategic planning and community engagement. He has hosted discussions with groups ranging from 10 to 2,000 participants on topics from planning for communities and nonprofits to equity and community engagement with state and other agencies. He has been exploring the impact of early childhood trauma on adult issues and been instrumental in conversations on race, power and privilege in Minnesota. These are all areas of expertise Dave brings to the work of Worldview Intelligence.

Maggie Shelton, MSW

Maggie Shelton

Maggie Shelton

Maggie’s career in leading conversations focuses on strengths and resources, enhances resiliency, leans on creativity, and creates change.  She does this in systems of many sizes in her practice as a consultant, coach and psychotherapist. In addition to this background, she brings her passion in working with groups of people committed to finding ways of working collaboratively to bring about social change and a systemic thinking background to her involvement with Worldview Intelligence.

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