One size does not fit all. Online Courses and Training

We know each of our clients is unique; you face different challenges, have different opportunities. This is why we have created a variety of online training courses and programs to give you greater access to learning the Worldview Intelligence frameworks and models. Each course is designed to help you grow your skills using self paced and/or instructor led and group based courses.

Online Course Listings

Building Trust and Relationship: Level 1

Building trust and relationship is the key to making progress on strategic goals, improving communication, reducing conflict and finding ways forward on issues and strategies that matter. The concepts are useful in any environment – business, government, education, healthcare, community, even families.

The course is highly relatable and is a terrific blend of professional and personal development, straight forward and transformational. Participants will gain the skills and confidently to have difficult conversations, build culture, engage stakeholders and build better strategy.

Building Trust and Relationship Level 2

Coming Spring 2022 – Building on Level 1, the next stage focuses on building on your foundation skills and the ability to expertly apply it in a wider variety of contexts.

Conflict Avoidance to Productive Outcomes

Coming Soon.  This course will help apply a Worldview Intelligence approach to a conflict that has been troubling you. It could be something new that has recently showed up or a conflict that has persisted over time. There course includes the accompanying planning guide: Conflict Avoidance to Productive Outcomes: A Planning Guide for Challenging Conversations. It will enable you to develop a plan to take a course of action that is right for you.

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