Worldview Intelligence Information Brochure

We have created a little information brochure for people who want a little bit of information about what Worldview Intelligence is, why now and what we can offer an organization curious about how to become Worldview Intelligent. You can download the PDF at the link below, print it off (double sided) and share it with people you want to engage in conversation or worldview programming. As always, happy to have a conversation with anyone looking for more information.

Worldview Brochure

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Why Worldview Now?

A defining characteristic of the 21st Century is that multiple perspectives – or worldviews – permeate our cultures and our organizations. This is leading to increasing fragmentation, polarization and complexity.

We need approaches that open up opportunities for creativity, emergence, and innovation rather than seeing a diversity of views, experiences and opinions as something that needs to be simplified, eliminated or merged into one or two perspectives. We need new approaches to dialogue, community engagement and workforce strategies. Worldview Intelligence offers us this.

What is Worldview Intelligence?  An exploration for more comprehensive solutions. Strategies and frameworks to transform differences into progress.

An individual, organization or community that is Worldview Intelligent offers greater leadership potential, more inclusive, welcoming workplaces and creativity that arises from the interaction of multiple worldviews, leading more often to innovative ideas or solutions and greater workforce engagement. Otherwise, worldviews operate invisibly and unconsciously, influencing our communication, decision-making and workplace cultures. Worldview Intelligence provides a structured exploration of individual and collective assumptions, beliefs and value systems with curiosity and non-judgment. This opens the potential for more comprehensive approaches and solutions to emerge on a range of issues and opportunities.

Generating Wholeness in an Increasingly Fragmented and Complex World

In a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented and polarized, Worldview Intelligence gives voice and visibility to multiple worldviews and creates openings for successfully leading different, more inclusive conversations on issues and challenges that routinely show up in organizations, communities and social systems.

What if there was a way into and through our most challenging conversations? What if there was a simple guide to learning how?


Programs and Services

Organizations and societies, and the individuals within them, are not isolated blocks; they are dynamic systems operating in a complex world.

Worldview Intelligent Organizations

Organizations that are Worldview Intelligent actively incorporate worldview thinking, frameworks and strategies across the organization, embedding it in all aspects from internal communications to human resource policies to stakeholder engagement and strategic planning.

Worldview Intelligence Assessment

For a team, department or entire organization to identify where worldview differences are impacting communication, relationships, learning, innovation and performance, to determine the best Worldview programming to meet your needs.

Foundation Programs

Grow understanding of worldviews, what they are, where they come from, how they impact individuals, organizations and social systems. Gain skills to work with multiple worldviews to increase innovation, creativity and workforce engagement, reduce workplace conflict and get results you want.

Train-the Trainer

Participants in this program will gain in-depth knowledge of Worldview Intelligence and be able to support training and programming throughout your organization.

Leadership Coaching and Co-Mentoring

Designed specifically for leaders responsible for creating diverse, inclusive work environments, we focus on building awareness of different worldviews, illuminating hidden dynamics, offering skills, language, frameworks and patterns to work with those dynamics and help transform differences into progress (not sameness). Completing the Foundational program is a prerequisite.

System-Wide Worldview Awareness and Alignment

Worldview Intelligence offers the opportunity to detect and work with variances in worldviews across multiple locations, geographically or departmentally.


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