First Ever Worldview Intelligence International Forum Call

June 28, 2016 Kathy Jourdain (Canada) and Jerry Nagel (United States) were hosted by Rolf Schneidereit (Germany) and Nancy Bragard (France) in the first ever Worldview Intelligence International Forum. Twenty-one people from Europe, Canada and the United States joined the call, listened in, wrote notes and asked good questions. The call was recorded and you can watch and listen in full on the Worldview Intelligence YouTube Channel.

WVI International Forum First call

Nancy Bragard – inviting a check-in

The call begins with an introduction by Rolf. 5:00 Nancy invites a chat check-in.
8:00 Kathy speaks about worldview and what it is.
17:00 Jerry describes the Worldview Intelligence framework, including where it comes from, how we came across it.
20:00 Jerry describes the six dimensions of the framework with examples.
34:00 Questions begin. Degree of worldview in our unawareness? How do reality and practice differ? How does Worldview Intelligence help you know if your answers are “true”? What is the effect of deconstructing worldview for a group or individual? Does asking the question bring a degree of agency?
47:00 What Open Enrolment programs look like
51:00 When we have very different worldviews, how do we engage?
56:00 Chat check out – what is alive for you at the end of this call?