Kathy Jourdain, MBA – Nova Scotia Canada

Long recognized for her leadership ability, when first introduced to the idea of worldviews through her work with her partner Jerry Nagel, Kathy immediately recognized the potential for practical application in their consulting practice. They immediately began to incorporate Worldview Intelligence into their consulting contracts as well as offering public programs, keynotes and interviews. Kathy’s skill and expertise continues to deepen and grow thanks to her work with a wide variety of clients and colleagues in addressing simple and complex issues. She is involved in a broad scope of work giving her a diversity of experience in different organizations, different contexts and internationally. She is a steward and practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations That Matter, She is well known for her expertise in customized leadership development, building team capacity and working with large scale, long term strategic and systemic change. Her approachable, professional style has made her a powerful business coach with an impressive track record, drawing on skills and expertise developed and deepened during her 20+ year consulting practice and before that as a CEO of a major health charity in Atlantic Canada. Kathy’s MBA from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS compliments her undergrad degree in Sociology and Psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University, also in Halifax, NS.