Your View of the World Influences How You Act in the World

Jerry croppedA simple yet profound concept that many do not have an awareness of: “People have a view of the world and it influences how they act in the world.” In this short video, Jerry Nagel offers Worldview is a lens through which we interact with the world around us. “Not many people pay attention to the simple idea that how I see the world has a profound effect on how I interact with the world. The impact shifts the nature of the conversation, shifts personal self awareness and changes how we can be in interrelationship with each other.”

Worldview Intelligence offers a structured process for you to understand your own worldview and to explore another’s worldview. Jerry shares that “Worldview Intelligence opens up the possibilities to enter into conversation with someone else in a way that is different than it has been in the past.”

What if there are new ways into, and through, today’s most challenging conversations? What if there was a simple guide to learning how?

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