A Way Forward When Worldviews Collide

In September 2011, Jerry Nagel was invited to do a TEDx talk on worldview – When Worldviews Collide. His understanding of worldview has evolved from his research for his PhD on Worldview, Art of Hosting and Social Constructionist theory and the practical experience in AoH trainings, other events and now specifically the rapidly evolving curriculum for Worldview Intelligence programs.

Take a look. Learn a bit about what happens when worldviews collide and what happens when we enter the space of curiosity instead.

Jerry Nagel

Jerry Nagel

10 thoughts on “A Way Forward When Worldviews Collide

  1. […] The invitation, individually and in our work, is to be in inquiry, to be curious; to be nonjudgmental; to approach our work from a stance of not knowing; to practice generosity; to value good conversations and recognize that good conversations can lead to wise action; to remember that the practice is the work and to remember that manyworld views can exist in the same place when we step out of either-or thinking into the welcoming of many different perspectives in the same space and time, celebrating difference rather than insisting on sameness. Growing our capacity to invite multiple worldviews on the individual and collective levels creates more invitational space for ourselves and for others to show up in the fullness of who we each and all are. […]


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