One size does not fit all.

We know each of our clients is unique; you face different challenges, have different opportunities. This is why we build in-house certification programs with you that offer essential foundational Worldview Intelligence frameworks and models. We create reference guides, exercises and inquiries pertinent to your business, environment and goals. We also work with you to identify the criteria by which you will select your in-house Worldview Intelligence teams to become certified.

Level 1 (Foundation)

Foundation certification builds your basic knowledge of Worldview Intelligence, your confidence at applying Worldview Intelligence skills and your ability to deliver the Worldview Intelligence programming developed for your organization.

Level 2 (Advanced)

Advanced certification expands your Worldview Intelligence skill set and ability to apply it in a wider variety of contexts.

Level 3 (Accredited)

Accreditation gives your in-house Worldview Intelligence consultants the credibility, skills and knowledge to fluently design internal programs using the Worldview Intelligence approach to address ongoing and emerging issues, to be adaptive and responsive to changing circumstances.

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